1304. diatribó
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diatribó: to rub hard, rub away, to spend time
Original Word: διατρίβω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: diatribó
Phonetic Spelling: (dee-at-ree'-bo)
Short Definition: I tarry, continue, stay
Definition: I tarry, continue, stay in a place.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from dia and the same as tribos
to rub hard, rub away, to spend time
NASB Translation
spending (1), spending time (2), spent (3), stayed (2), staying (1).

STRONGS NT 1304: διατρίβω

διατρίβω; imperfect διέτριβον; 1 aorist διετριψα; to rub between, rub hard, (properly, Homer, Iliad 11, 847, others); to wear away, consume; χρόνον or ἡμέρας, to spend, pass time: Acts 14:3, 28; Acts 16:12; Acts 20:6; Acts 25:6, 14 (Leviticus 14:8; Aristophanes, Xenophon, Plato, others); simply to stay, tarry, (cf. Buttmann, 145 (127); Winer's Grammar, 593 (552)): John 3:22; John 11:54 (WH Tr text ἔμεινεν); Acts 12:19; Acts 14:18 (Lachmann edition min.); ; (Judith 10:2; 2 Macc. 14:23, and often in secular authors from Homer, Iliad 19, 150 down).

abide, be, continue, tarry.

From dia and the base of tribos; to wear through (time), i.e. Remain -- abide, be, continue, tarry.

see GREEK dia

see GREEK tribos

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