23. aganakteó
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aganakteó: to grieve much, hence to be indignant
Original Word: ἀγανακτέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: aganakteó
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-an-ak-teh'-o)
Short Definition: I am angry, am incensed
Definition: I am angry, incensed.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain origin
to grieve much, hence to be indignant
NASB Translation
feel indignant (1), indignant (5), indignantly (1).

STRONGS NT 23: ἀγανακτέω

ἀγανακτέω, (ῶ; 1 aorist ἠγανάκτησα; (as πλεονεκτέω comes from πλοενέκτης, and this from πλέον and ἔχω, so through a conjectural ἀγανάκτης from ἄγαν and ἄχομαι to feel pain, grieve (others besides)); to be indignant, moved with indignation: Matthew 21:15; Matthew 26:8; Mark 10:14; Mark 14:4; περί τίνος (cf. with § 33 a.), Matthew 20:24; Mark 10:41; followed by ὅτι, Luke 13:14. (From Herodotus down.)

be greatly displeased, have indignation.

From agan (much) and achthos (grief; akin to the base of agkale); to be greatly afflicted, i.e. (figuratively) indignant -- be much (sore) displeased, have (be moved with, with) indignation.

see GREEK agkale

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