3106. makarizó
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makarizó: to bless
Original Word: μακαρίζω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: makarizó
Phonetic Spelling: (mak-ar-id'-zo)
Short Definition: I deem happy
Definition: I bless, pronounce blessed or happy.

HELPS word-Studies

Cognate: 3106 makarízō – pronounce blessed, as the result of enjoying the benefits (privileges) that (literally) extend from God. See 3107 (makarios).

[Note the literal meaning of this term ("long, extended").]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from makarios
to bless
NASB Translation
count...blessed (2).

STRONGS NT 3106: μακαρίζω

μακαρίζω; Attic future μακαριω (cf. Buttmann, 37 (32)); (μακάριος); from Homer down; the Sept. for אֵשֵּׁר; to pronounce blessed: τινα, Luke 1:48; James 5:11 (here Vulg.beatifico).

call blessed, count happy.

From makarios; to beatify, i.e. Pronounce (or esteem) fortunate -- call blessed, count happy.

see GREEK makarios

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