4531. saleuó
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saleuó: to agitate, shake, by ext. to cast down
Original Word: σαλεύω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: saleuó
Phonetic Spelling: (sal-yoo'-o)
Short Definition: I shake, excite
Definition: I shake, excite, disturb in mind, stir up, drive away.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from salos
to agitate, shake, by ext. to cast down
NASB Translation
agitating (1), shake (1), shaken (11), shaken together (1), shook (1).

STRONGS NT 4531: σαλεύω

σαλεύω; 1 aorist ἐσάλευσα; passive, present participle σαλευόμενος; perfect participle σεσαλευμενος; 1 aorist ἐσαλευθην; 1 future σαλευθήσομαι; (σάλος, which see); from Aeschylus and Aristophanes down; in the Sept., passive σαλεύομαι for מוט and נוּעַ ;

a. properly, of the motion produced by winds, storms, waves, etc.; to agitate or shake: κάλαμον, passive, Matthew 11:7; Luke 7:24; to cause to totter, τάς δυνάμεις τῶν οὐρανῶν, passive, Matthew 24:29; Mark 13:25; Luke 21:26; τήν γῆν, Hebrews 12:26 (Isaiah 24:20; Amos 9:5); an edifice, Luke 6:48; Acts 4:31; Acts 16:26; τά μή σαλευόμενα, the things which are not shaken, i. e. the perfect state of things which will exist after the return of Christ from heaven and will undergo no change, opposed to τά σαλευόμενα, the present order of things subject to vicissitude and decay, Hebrews 12:27. To shake thoroughly, of a measure filled by shaking its contents together, Luke 6:38.

b. to shake down, overthrow, i. e. tropically, to cast down from one's (secure and happy) state, Acts 2:25 (from Psalm 15:8 ()); by a tropical use foreign to secular authors, to move or agitate the mind, to disturb one:τινα ἀπό τοῦ νως, so as to throw him out of his sober and natural mental state (Buttmann, 322 (277)), 2 Thessalonians 2:2; τούς ὄχλους, to stir up, Acts 17:13.

shake, stir up.

From salos; to waver, i.e. Agitate, rock, topple or (by implication) destroy; figuratively, to disturb, incite -- move, shake (together), which can(-not) be shaken, stir up.

see GREEK salos

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