2600. chinnam
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chinnam: out of favor
Original Word: חִנָּם
Part of Speech: Adverb
Transliteration: chinnam
Phonetic Spelling: (khin-nawm')
Short Definition: cause

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from chanan
out of favor
NASB Translation
free (1), nothing (4), useless (1), uselessly (1), vain (2), which cost (1), which cost me nothing (1), which costs (1), which costs me nothing (1), without a cause (2), without cause (17), without pay (1), without payment (1).

חִנָּם substantive, used chiefly in the accusative as

adverb (compare Assyrian annáma, in vain, DlK 7, Pr 44; from הֵּן, with aff. םָ֯, which is sometimes found in substantives proper, as סֻלָּם, and proper names, but is more particularly used with substantives applied adverbially, as יוֺמָם אָמְנָם, דּוּמָם, רֵיקָם: Sta§ 203 BaNB § 216) — literally out of favour; i.e.

a. gratis, gratuitously, for nothing, עָבַד חִנָּם to serve for nought Genesis 29:15; Job 1:9; Isaiah 52:3 to be sold (figurative) for nought Isaiah 52:5; Exodus 21:2,11 יָצָא חִנָּם to go out(from slavery) freely, for nothing, Numbers 11:5 which we used to eat in Egyptian for nought, Jeremiah 22:13; 1 Chronicles 21:24; in the Genitive 2 Samuel 24:24 עֹלוֺת חִנָּם i.e. burnt-offerings which cost nothing (in the "" 1 Chronicles 21:24 the construction is changed).

b. for no purpose, in vain Proverbs 1:17; Malachi 1:10: once אֶל חִנָּם (compare אֶל 7) Ezekiel 6:10.

c. gratuitously, without cause, undeservedly, especially of groundless hostility or attack, 1 Samuel 19:5 לְהָמִית חִנָּם to slay David without cause, 1 Samuel 25:31; Psalm 35:7 (twice in verse); Psalm 109:3; Psalm 119:161 רְדָפוּנִי חִנָּם, Proverbs 1:11; Proverbs 3:30; Proverbs 23:29; Job 2:3 ׳לְבַלְּעוֺ ח Job 9:17; Job 22:6; Ezekiel 14:23; Psalm 35:19; and Psalm 69:5 שׂנְאַי חִנָּם my haters without cause, Lamentations 3:52 אֹיְבַי חִנָּם; in the Genitive 1 Kings 2:31 דְּמֵי חִנָּם blood shed without cause (compare 1 Samuel 25:31), Proverbs 24:28 ׳אֲלתְּֿהִי עֵד ח בְּרֵעֶ֑ךָ, Proverbs 26:2 ׳קִלְלַת ח the causeless curse.

without a cost, free, causeless, to cost nothing, freely, innocent, in vain

From chen; gratis, i.e. Devoid of cost, reason or advantage -- without a cause (cost, wages), causeless, to cost nothing, free(-ly), innocent, for nothing (nought, in vain.

see HEBREW chen

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