5273. na'iym
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na'iym: pleasant
Original Word: נָעִים
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: na'iym
Phonetic Spelling: (naw-eem')
Short Definition: pleasant

I. נָעִים adjective pleasant, delightful (poetry); — absolute ׳נ Proverbs 22:18 +; construct נְעִים 2 Samuel 23:1 plural נְעִמִים Psalm 16:6, נְעִימִם 2 Samuel 1:23, נְעִימִים Proverbs 23:8; feminine נְעִמוֺת Psalm 16:11; —

1 delightful בְּחַיֵּיהֶם ׳הַנֶּאֱהָבִים וְהַנּ 2 Samuel 1:23 (of Saul and Jonath.); of wealth, ׳הוֺן יָקָר וְנ Proverbs 24:4; words Proverbs 23:8; of acts, etc.: ׳מַהטּֿוֺב וּמַהנּֿ שֶׁבֶת אַחִים גַּםיָֿחַ֑ד Psalm 133:1; singing praises to ׳י, Psalm 135:3; Psalm 147:1; keeping wise teachings Proverbs 22:18; as substantive = delight יְכַלּוּ יְמֵיהֶם בַּטּוֺב וּשְׁנֵיהֶם בַּנְּעִימִים Job 36:11 (of earthly prosperity); of spiritual delights Psalm 16:6; Psalm 16:11.

2 lovely, beautiful (physically), Songs 1:16 ("" יָפֶה). — Psalm 81:3; 2 Samuel 23:1 see II. נָעִים below II. נעם.

II. נָעִים adjective perhaps singing, sweetly sounding, musical; — absolute ׳כִּנּוֺר נ Psalm 81:3 sweetly-sounding lyre; construct, as substantive, ׳נְעִים זְמִרוֺת יִשׂ 2 Samuel 23:1 Israel's sweet singer of songs (compare Dr2Samuel 8:10 Löhr; ᵑ9 egregius psaltes Israel, and so Ges Ew and others, from I. נעם; joy of the songs of Israel HPS, compare Klo Kit).

נעץ (√ of following; Late Hebrew נָעַץ prick, stick or thrust in, wedge in; ᵑ7 נְעַץ id.; Late Hebrew נַעֲצוּץ figurative of wicked person; ᵑ7 נַעֲצוּצָא = Biblical Hebrew).

pleasanture, sweet

From na'em; delightful (objective or subjective, literal or figurative) -- pleasant(-ure), sweet.

see HEBREW na'em

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