5560. soleth
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soleth: fine flour
Original Word: סֹ֫לֶת
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: soleth
Phonetic Spelling: (so'-leth)
Short Definition: flour

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
fine flour
NASB Translation
fine (1), fine flour (51), fine...flour (1), flour* (1).

סֹ֫לֶת53 noun feminineLeviticus 2:5 (compare on Gender AlbrZAW xvi (1896), 106) fine flour (ᵐ5 σεμίδαλις, ᵑ9 simila) (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic סוּלְתָּא; Arabic a kind of barley without husks Lane1401; Assyrian sillatu, or šillatu, a kind of grain (?) Meissner-RostBAS iii, 361; also ¾ul¾a, ¾uruti, flour, as loan-word in Egyptian, Bondi84 WMMAs.u.Eur.101); — absolute ׳ס Genesis 18:6 +, construct ׳ס Exodus 29:9 +; suffix סָלְתָּהּ Leviticus 2:2; — fine flour, used in king's household 1 Kings 5:2 ("" קֵמַח), for honoured guests ׳קֶמַח ס Genesis 18:6 (J), a se'ah of it sold for a shekel in time of scarcity 2 Kings 7:1,16,18 (see Benz); luxurious food Ezekiel 16:13,19 (of Jerusalem under figure of woman); elsewhere only in offerings Ezekiel 46:14; 1 Chronicles 9:29; 1 Chronicles 23:29, and P; חִטִּים ׳ס Exodus 29:2, ׳ס Exodus 29:40, Leviticus 2:1 13t. Leviticus; Numbers 6:15 26t. Numbers.

סַם see סמם.

fine flour, meal

From an unused root meaning to strip; flour (as chipped off) -- (fine) flour, meal.

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