5849. atar
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atar: compass
Original Word: עָטַר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: atar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-tar')
Short Definition: compass

[עָטַר] verb surround (Late Hebrew id., and derivatives; Phoenician עטרת wreath, עטר Pi`el denominative crown Lzb339; Aramaic עֲטַר; Assyrian etêru, spare, rescue); —

Qal Imperfect2masculine singular suffix כַּצִּנָּה רָצוֺן תַּעְטְרֶנּוּ Psalm 5:13 as with a shield, with favour will thou surround him; Participle plural עֹטְרִים אֶלדָּֿוִד 1 Samuel 23:26 Saul and his men were surrounding (closing in) upon David.

[עָטַר] verb denominative crown; —

Pi`el Perfect3feminine singular שֶׁעִטְּרָה לוֺ Songs 3:11 with which his mother crowned him (see I. עֲטָרָה

1); elsewhere figurative: 2 masculine singular טוֺבָתֶ֑ךָ עִטַּרְתָּ שְׁנִת Psalm 65:12 thou (׳י) hast crowned the year of thy goodness; Imperfect2masculine singular suffix וְכַבוֺד וְהָדָר תְּעַטְּרֵהוּ Psalm 8:6; Participle suffix הַמְעַטְּרֵכִי חֶסֶד וְרַחֲמִים Psalm 103:4 (of ׳י).

Hiph`il Participle feminine צֹר הַמַּעֲטִירָה Isaiah 23:8 usually Tyre the crown-bestower (Ges Ew De CheComm. Di Du GuKau Skinner), but dubious; < the crown-wearer Hi Gr (after ᵑ6), so Ren CheHpt. (reading הַמְּעֻטָּרָה).

compass, crown

A primitive root; to encircle (for attack or protection); especially to crown (literally or figuratively) -- compass, crown.

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