6509. parah
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parah: to bear fruit, be fruitful
Original Word: פָּרָה
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: parah
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-raw')
Short Definition: fruitful

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to bear fruit, be fruitful
NASB Translation
bear fruit (2), bearing...fruit (1), become fruitful (1), flourishes (1), fruitful (18), fruitful tree (1), increased (1), made me fruitful (1), make him fruitful (1), make you fruitful (3).

[מָּרָה] verb bear fruit, be fruitful (Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew 1, מְּרִי = Biblical Hebrew; Phoenician פר fruit; Ethiopic , blossom, bear fruit; Assyrian pir'u, posterity; compare also ᵑ7 מֵּירָא Syriac fruit, and BaZMG xii (1887), 604): —

Qal Perfect3plural מָּרוּ Exodus 1:7; 1plural consecutive וּפָרִינוּ Genesis 26:22, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִפְרֶה Isaiah 11:1, etc.; Imperative masculine singular מְּרֵה Genesis 35:11, masculine plural מְּרוּ Genesis 1:22 +; Participle active מֹּרֶה Deuteronomy 29:17, feminine מֹּרִיָּה Ezekiel 19:10; Isaiah 17:6, מֹּרָת (Ges§ 80g; for *מֹּרַיַת LagBN 81) Genesis 49:22 (twice in verse); —

1 of men and animals, Exodus 23:30 (E) Genesis 26:22 (J); especially + רבה Jeremiah 3:16; Jeremiah 23:3; Ezekiel 36:11; Genesis 35:11; Genesis 47:27 (P), and שָׁרַץ (P) Genesis 8:17; Genesis 9:7; Exodus 1:7, ׳מְּרוּ וּרְבוּ וּמִלְאוּ וגו Genesis 1:22,28; Genesis 9:1.

2 of vine, גֶּפֶן מֹּרִיָּה Isaiah 32:12 fruitful vine, so Psalm 128:3 (simile of wife); compare (in figurative of Israel) Ezekiel 19:10; in Messianic prediction Isaiah 11:1 a shoot from his [Jesse's] roots shall bear fruit; with accusative ראֹשׁ ׳שֹׁרֶשׁ פ figurative, Deuteronomy 29:17 a root bearing gall (as its fruit); יִפְרוּ יֶשַׁע Isaiah 45:8 is dubious, read perhaps 3 feminine singular תֵּפֶר let earth be fruitful in salvation (Oort and others); Participle f., as substantive, הַמֹּרַיָּה the fruit-bearer, poetic for tree, Isaiah 17:6 (compare [סָעִיף]

2); so בֵּן מֹּרָת Genesis 49:22 (twice in verse) Joseph is son of a fruit-bearer, i.e. a fruitful bough.

Hiph`il 1. cause to bear fruit,

2 make fruitful, subject ׳י with accusative of man or people:

1 Perfect3masculine singular suffix הִפְרַנִי Genesis 41:52 (E).

2 in P, וְהִפְרֵתִ֫י Genesis 17:6,20 (רֵיתֵ֫י-), + הִרְבָּה Leviticus 26:9 (H); Imperfect3masculine singular jussive יַפְרְךָ וְיַרְבְּךָ Genesis 28:3, וַיֶּפֶר Psalm 105:24; Participle הִנְנִי מַפְרְךָ וְהִרְבִּיתִךָ Genesis 48:4.

3 shew fruitfullness, bear fruit (Ges§ 53 c, d, g): Imperfect3masculine singular יַפְרִיא Hosea 13:15 (as if from פרא).

bear, bring forth fruit, be, cause to be, make fruitful, grow, increase

A primitive root; to bear fruit (literally or figuratively) -- bear, bring forth (fruit), (be, cause to be, make) fruitful, grow, increase.

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