6536. paras
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paras: to break in two, divide
Original Word: פָּרַס
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: paras
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-ras')
Short Definition: divide

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to break in two, divide
NASB Translation
break (1), breaks (1), divide (8), divides (4), hoofs (1).

[מָּרַס, erroneous מָּרַשׂZA i, 417]

verb break in two, divide (Late Hebrew in derived forms; Assyrian parâsu, divide, hinder; Arabic break neck, etc.; Syriac hoof, ᵑ7 מַּרְסְחָא (see מַּרְסָה below); compare NöZA i.417 f.); —

Qal Perfect3plural וּפָֽרְשׂוּ Micah 3:3 they have broken up bones, as in kettle (? read Imperfect וַיִפְרְשׂוּi.c.); Infinitive abs. מָּרֹס לָרָעֵב לַחְמֶ֑ךָ Isaiah 58:7 a breaking for the hungry thy bread, so Imperfect3masculine plural יִפְרְסוּ לָהֶם Jeremiah 16:7 (לֶחֶם omitted; but read לֶחֶם אֶלאָֿבֵל ׳יִפ Gie, compare [in part] ᵐ5 Valgate Gf); Participle פֹרֵשׂ לֶהֶם Lamentations 4:4 (accusative לֶחֶם omitted).

Hiph`il Perfect3feminine singular הִפְרִיסָה Leviticus 11:6, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יַפְרִיס Leviticus 11:5; Participle מַפְרִיס Leviticus 11:4 +, מַפְרֶסֶת Leviticus 11:3 +, etc.; —

1 with accusative מַּרְסָה divide hoof, i.e. have divided hoof (> denominative have hoofs, Deuteronomy 14:6,7,8 and "" Leviticus 11:3,4,5,6,7, so also Leviticus 11:26; מַפְרִיסֵי ׳הַפ Deuteronomy 14:7 = ׳מַפְרִסֵי הַפ Leviticus 11:4 (H).

2 participle absolute denominative Psalm 69:32 having hoofs (+ מַקְרִן).

[מְּרַס] verb break in two (see Biblical Hebrew פרס); —

Peîl (WCG224) Perfect3feminine singular מְּרִיסַת מַלְכוּתָח Daniel 5:28.

deal, divide, have hoofs, part, tear

A primitive root; to break in pieces, i.e. (usually without violence) to split, distribute -- deal, divide, have hoofs, part, tear.

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