6628. tseelim
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tseelim: (a kind of) lotus
Original Word: צֶאֱלִים
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tseelim
Phonetic Spelling: (tseh'-el)
Short Definition: plants

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain derivation
(a kind of) lotus
NASB Translation
lotus plants (2).

צֶאֱלִים noun masculine plural a kind of lotus (Rhamnus (more exactly Zizyphus), Lotus [Linn.], thorny lotus (not sacred Nymphea Lotus; Saad , compare AW DeJob 2, Syriac , see Löwp. 275); — Job 40:21,22.

צאן (√ of following; DlPr 87 f.; HWB compare Assyrian ƒênu, adjective, good, docile; Thes (compare LagBN 136) compare יָצָא [as πρόβατον from προβαίνω]; Assyrian ƒênu, = Biblical Hebrew צאֹן, and so Late Hebrew id., MI31 צאן; Arabic ; id.; Tel Amarna ƒunu is Canaanitish according to ZimZA vi (1891). 156; Aramaic עָנָא, , and perhaps Palmyrene ענא).

shady tree

From an unused root meaning to be slender; the lotus tree -- shady tree.

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