7304. ravach
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ravach: to be wide or spacious
Original Word: רָוַח
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ravach
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-vakh')
Short Definition: relief

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to be wide or spacious
NASB Translation
get relief (1), refreshed (1), spacious (1).

רָרַח verb be wide, spacious (Late Hebrew id., extend (intransitive), רֶוַח wide space; Arabic be wide (between thighs), and derivatives; compare perhaps Ethiopic make open, open (derived species; Di293); Aramaic רְוַח be wide (usually figurative as Hebrew), , be wide, enlarged); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ר, followed by ל person 1 Samuel 16:23 figurative there was enlargement, relief, for Saul; Imperfect3masculine singular יִרְוַח לִי Job 32:20 that there may be relief for me.

Pu`al Participle plural מְרֻוָּחִים Jeremiah 22:14 spacious (of rooms; "" בֵּות מִדּוֺת).

be refreshed, large

A primitive root (identical with ruwach); properly, to breathe freely, i.e. Revive; by implication, to have ample room -- be refreshed, large.

see HEBREW ruwach

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