7614. Sheba
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Sheba: a territory in S.W. Arabia, also the name of one or more descendant of Noah
Original Word: שְׁבָא
Part of Speech: proper name, of a people and territory
Transliteration: Sheba
Phonetic Spelling: (sheb-aw')
Short Definition: Sheba

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of foreign origin
a territory in S.W. Arabia, also the name of one or more desc. of Noah
NASB Translation
Sabeans (1), Sheba (22).

שְׁבָא proper name, of a people and territory Shebâ, in southwest Arabia (Sabean סבא DHMZMG xxxvii (1883), 9, סבא verb = make campaign MordtHI 72 or expedition SabDenkmNo.12, 1. 5, 14; compare DSMargoliouthHast DB SHEBA FBEncy.Bib. SHEBA and reff); — Sheba: ׳מַלְכַּתשֿׁ 1 Kings 10:1,4,10,13.= 2Chron 9:1; 9:3; 9:9; 9:12; ׳מַלְכֵי שׁ Psalm 72:10; famous for trade, ׳רֹכְלֵי שׁ Ezekiel 27:22,23, ׳הֲלִיכֹת שׁ Job 6:19 ("" תֵּמָא); yielding costly wares Ezekiel 38:13,׳זְהַב שׁ Psalm 72:15, ׳לְבוֺנָה מִשּׁ Jeremiah 6:20 ("" מֵאֶרֶץ מֶרְחָק, compare following), paying homage and tribute to Israel in future Isaiah 60:6; descended from (Yoktan and) Shem Genesis 10:28 (J) = 1 Chronicles 1:22, from (Yokshan and) Abraham and Ketûrâh Genesis 25:3 (J ?) = 1 Chronicles 1:32 (i.e. a northern branch of Sheba, + דְּדָן, q. v.), but from כּוּשׁ Genesis 10:7 (P) = 1 Chronicles 1:9; marauders, North Arabia, Job 1:15

Sheba, Sabeans

Of foreign origin; Sheba, the name of three early progenitors of tribes and of an Ethiopian district -- Sheba, Sabeans.

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