8555. Timna
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Timna: an Edomite name
Original Word: תִּמְנָע
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine and feminine; proper name, masculine; feminine
Transliteration: Timna
Phonetic Spelling: (tim-naw')
Short Definition: Timna

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from mana
an Edomite name
NASB Translation
Timna (6).

תִּמְנָע proper name, masculine and feminine Edomite name. ᵐ5 θαμνα: —

1 תִּמְנָע

proper name, masculine

a. a chief of Edom Genesis 36:40 = 1 Chronicles 1:51.

b. son of Eliphaz 1 Chronicles 1:36 (for Korah Genesis 36:15,16).

2 תִּמְנָע֑

feminine Genesis 36:22 = 1 Chronicles 1:39 sister of Lotan (of Seir); Genesis 3:12 concubine of Eliphaz son of Esau.

מַנְעוּל, [מִנְעָל] see נעל.

[מַנְעַמִּים] see נעם. מְנַָֽעַנְעִים see נוע.

[מְנַקִּית], מְנַקִּיָּה see נקה

מֵנֶ֫קֶת see ינק


מְנֹרָה see מְנוֺרָה below נור.

Timna, Timnah

From mana'; restraint; Timna, the name of two Edomites -- Timna, Timnah.

see HEBREW mana'

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