1 Chronicles 15:29
(29) And it came to pass.--The verse reads in the Hebrew like a modernised form of 2Samuel 6:16.

As the ark of the covenant of the Lord came.--Rather, The ark had come so far as to the city, and Michal had looked forth by the lattice, and she saw . . .

Dancing and playing.--In the Hebrew two common words have been substituted for the two obsolete ones occurring in Samuel.

Playing.--The Hebrew word denotes dancing combined with singing and playing (Jeremiah 30:19; 1Samuel 18:6-7).

She despised him.--Because he seemed forgetful of his royal and manly honour, in dancing like a woman.

Verse 29. - Thus briefly is given by our compiler what occupies five verses (2 Samuel 6:19, 20-23) in the Book of Samuel. Neither of the words here rendered dancing and playing (but which would be better rendered "leaping and dancing") is the same with those employed in 2 Samuel 6:14, 16, where our Authorized Version rendering is "dancing" and "leaping and dancing" respectively. The word in both of those verses that represents the dancing, does correctly so represent, bet is a somewhat generic form, as it carries the idea of dancing in a circle. The reason of Michal "despising David in her heart" can only be found in the unreason and the irreligion of that heart itself. She was a type of not a few, who despise devotion, enthusiasm, and above all practical liberality and generosity, on the part of any individual of their own family, when these are shown to Christ and his Church, and when they think they may be a trifle the poorer for it, or when they feel that the liberality and devotion of another exposes their own "poverty" in both these respects.

15:25-29 It is good to notice the assistance of Divine Providence, even in things which fall within the compass of our natural powers; if God did not help us, we could not stir a step. If we do our religious duties in any degree aright, we must own it was God that helped us; had we been left to ourselves, we should have been guilty of some fatal errors. And every thing in which we engage, must be done in dependence on the mercy of God through the sacrifice of the Redeemer.And it came to pass, as the ark of the covenant of the Lord came to the city of David, that Michal the daughter of Saul, looking out at a window,.... Of the palace, to see the procession, see 2 Samuel 6:16 where not only this circumstance is related, and the inward contempt she had David in, because of his behaviour, but also what she said, and what David returned in answer to it.
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