1 Kings 1:45
Verse 45. - And Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet have anointed him king in Gihon: and they are come up from thence rejoicing, so that the city [קִרְיָה same word as in ver. 41. Elsewhere almost exclusively found in poetry] rang again [rather, "is in commotion." Same expression in ver. 41 and Ruth 1:19, where it is translated, "the city was moved"]. This is the noise [Hebrews voice] that ye have heard.

1:32-53 The people expressed great joy and satisfaction in the elevation of Solomon. Every true Israelite rejoices in the exaltation of the Son of David. Combinations formed upon evil principles will soon be dissolved, when self-interest calls another way. How can those who do evil deeds expect to have good tidings? Adonijah had despised Solomon, but soon dreaded him. We see here, as in a glass, Jesus, the Son of David and the Son of God, exalted to the throne of glory, notwithstanding all his enemies. His kingdom is far greater than that of his father David, and therein all the true people of God cordially rejoice. The prosperity of his cause is vexation and terror to his enemies. No horns of the altar, nor forms of godliness, nor pretences to religion, can profit those who will not submit to His authority, and accept of his salvation; and if their submission be hypocritical, they shall perish without remedy.And Zadok the priest, and Nathan the prophet, have anointed him king in Gihon,.... Or at Gihon; that is, Siloah, according to the Targum; here the act of anointing is ascribed to them both, as in 1 Kings 1:34; Zadok very probably applied the oil to him, and Nathan might be some way or other assisting in it; however he was here present, not only as approving of it, but declaring it as a prophet, that it was according to the will of God, as well as of the king:

and they are come up from thence rejoicing; with a multitude of people along with them:

so that the city rang again; with the blowing of trumpets, the sound of pipings, and the shouts of the people:

this is the noise which ye have heard; which had so alarmed them.

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