1 Samuel 30:29
(29) Rachal.--The name Rachal never occurs again, and is quite unknown. Here the LXX., instead of Rachal, have five different names--Ged, Kimath, Saphek, Themath, Karmel. No satisfactory explanation has been suggested for this strange addition; three of them are unknown, and the other two--Gad (Gath) and Carmel--places we should certainly not expect to meet in this catalogue.

The cities of the Jerahmeelites and Kenites.--These places were situated in the south of Judah; they cannot be traced.

Verse 29. - Rachal. Rather Racal, unknown, The supposition that it may be Camel is untenable. The Jerahmeelites; see on 1 Samuel 27:10, as also for the Kenites.

30:21-31 What God gives us, he designs we should do good with. In distributing the spoil, David was just and kind. Those are men of Belial indeed, who delight in putting hardships upon their brethren, and care not who is starved, so that they may be fed to the full. David was generous and kind to all his friends. Those who consider the Lord as the Giver of their abundance, will dispose of it with fairness and liberality.And to them which were in Rachal,.... Another city of the tribe of Judah, but nowhere else spoken of:

and to them which were in the cities of the Jerahmeelites: which lay to the south of Judah, 1 Samuel 27:10,

and to them which were in the cities of the Kenites; who dwelt in the wilderness of Judah, in the south of Arad, Judges 1:16.

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