2 Chronicles 29:12
(12-14) The names of the Levites who received the royal charge.

(12) Mahath the son of Amasai.--The verse enumerates two members of each of the three great Levitical subtribes--Kohath, Merari, and Gershon. Mahath and Eden recur (2Chronicles 31:13; 2Chronicles 31:15). Kish ben Abdi and Joah ben Zimmah occurred (1Chronicles 6:21; 1Chronicles 6:44). They appear to be family rather than personal names.

Verse 12. - Then the Levites arose. This verse gives two apiece of the three divisions or "families" - Gershon, Kohath, and Merari, "sons of Levi" (1 Chronicles 6:1, 2, 16-20; 1 Chronicles 23:6, 7, 12, 21, 24; comp. Genesis 46:11; Exodus 6:16). Though some of the names of this and the following two verses are known, they do not designate, of course, the same persons. Through many a generation of Levites, the same names were, no doubt intentionally, reproduced.

29:1-19 When Hezekiah came to the crown, he applied at once to work reform. Those who begin with God, begin at the right end of their work, and it will prosper accordingly. Those that turn their backs upon God's ordinances, may truly be said to forsake God himself. There are still such neglects, if the word be not duly read and opened, for that was signified by the lighting the lamps, and also if prayers and praise be not offered up, for that was signified by the burning incense. Neglect of God's worship was the cause of the calamities they had lain under. The Lord alone can prepare the heart of man for vital godliness: when much good is done in a little time, the glory must be ascribed to him; and all who love him or the souls of men, will rejoice therein. Let those that do good work, learn to do it well.Then the Levites arose,.... Whose names are mentioned; of the Kohathites two, Mahath the son of Amashai, and Joel the son of Azariah; of the Merarites two, Kish the son of Abdi, and Azariah the son of Jehalelel; of the Gershonites two, Joah the son of Zimmah, and Eden the son of Joah; and of the family of Elizaphan, a Kohathite, two, Shimri and Jehiel; and of the family of Asaph, one of the chief singers in the times of David, two, Zechariah and Mattaniah; and of the family of Heman, another principal singer in the same times, two, Jehiel and Shimei; and of the family of Jeduthun, the third principal singer, the same with Ethan, two, Shemaiah and Uzziel, in all fourteen.
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