2 Samuel 20:7
(7) Joab's men.--The body of men who were usually under Joab's immediate command, and who would readily follow his brother, whom they had been accustomed to see associated with him. On "the Che-rethites and the Pelethites," see Note on 2Samuel 8:18. "The mighty men" (see 2Samuel 23:8) appear to have been an especial body of heroes, probably made up chiefly of those who had been with David in his life as an outlaw.

Verse 7. - There went out after him - that is, under Abishai's command (comp. ver. 2) - Joab's men. The men who formed his regular attendants, and to whose number belonged the ten armour bearers who slew Absalom (2 Samuel 18:15). Joab retained their command, and probably they would not have served under any other person. It is evident from the enumeration in this verse that the "men of Judah," after escorting David to Jerusalem, had all dispersed to their own homes.

20:4-13 Joab barbarously murdered Amasa. The more plot there is in a sin, the worse it is. Joab contentedly sacrificed the interest both of the king and the kingdom to his personal revenge. But one would wonder with what face a murderer could pursue a traitor; and how, under such a load of guilt, he had courage to enter upon danger: his conscience was seared.And there went out after him Joab's men,.... Who though he was removed from his post as general, yet might still have the command of a regiment:

and the Cherethites, and the Pelethites; over whom Benaiah was, 2 Samuel 20:23; these attended David in his flight, and had now returned with him, 2 Samuel 15:18,

and all the mighty men; the military men that were at Jerusalem as many as could be spared:

and they went out of Jerusalem to pursue after Sheba the son of Bichri; with Abishai at the head of them; Josephus (q) says there were six hundred, besides the soldiers at Jerusalem that went on this pursuit.

(q) Antiqu. l. 7. c. 11. sect. 7.

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