Acts 19:8
(8) Spake boldly for the space of three months.--We pause for a moment to think of the amount of work of all kinds implied in this short record. The daily labour as a tent-maker went on as before (Acts 20:34), probably still in partnership with Aquila and Priscilla. The Sabbaths saw him evening and morning in the synagogue preaching, as he had done elsewhere, that Jesus was the Christ, and setting forth the nature of His work and the laws of His kingdom.

Verse 8. - Entered for went, A.V.; reasoning for disputing, A.V. (διαλεγόμενος, as ver. 9 and Acts 17:2, 17; Acts 18:4, 19, etc.); as to the things for the things, A.V. This last is a needless change, since πείθειν properly governs an accusative of the things persuaded or taught, and it is a right English use of "to persuade" to apply it to the thing inculcated. For the use of the phrase "the kingdom of God" as a compendious description of Christian doctrine, see Acts 1:3; Acts 8:12; Acts 20:25; Acts 28:23. St. Luke uses the phrase very frequently (Luke 6:20; Luke 8:10; Luke 9:27, 60, 62; Luke 10:11; Luke 11:20; Luke 13:20, 28; Luke 16:16; Luke 17:20; Luke 21:31, etc.).

19:8-12 When arguments and persuasions only harden men in unbelief and blasphemy, we must separate ourselves and others from such unholy company. God was pleased to confirm the teaching of these holy men of old, that if their hearers believed them not, they might believe the works.And he went into the synagogue,.... Of the Jews at Ephesus, for it seems to have been a private house, where he had met with the twelve baptized disciples, and had laid his hands on them; and these being Jews, as it seems most likely, by their having been baptized into John's baptism, the apostle went along with them to the synagogue on the sabbath day, as was his usual custom; having a very great desire, and an affectionate concern, for the welfare of his countrymen the Jews:

and spake boldly for the space of three months; that is, he used great freedom of speech, and showed much courage and intrepidity of mind, in preaching the Gospel at the synagogue every sabbath day as it returned, during this space of time; some manuscripts read, "three days":

disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God; the kingdom of the Messiah, the Gospel dispensation, the doctrines and ordinances of the Gospel, and the Gospel church state, often signified by the kingdom of God, and of heaven, in Scripture; and concerning the glory of a future state, the way and right unto it, and meetness for it; and these things he reasoned upon in such a strong and nervous manner, and made use of such powerful arguments, in proof and demonstration of them, as were very persuasive, and engaged many to believe them, and give their assent unto them.

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