Jeremiah 6:22
(22) From the north country . . .--The words point, as in Jeremiah 1:13-15, to the Chaldaean, perhaps, also, to the Scythian, invasion. So the "north quarters" are used in Ezekiel 38:6; Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2 of the home of Gog as the representative of the Scythian tribes.

Shall be raised.--Literally, shall be roused, or awakened.

The sides of the earth.--sc., its ends, or far-off regions.

Verses 22-30. - The enemy described; the terror consequent on his arrival; a rumored declaration of the moral cause of the judgment. Verse 22. - From the north country (so Jeremiah 1:14 (see note); 4:6). Shall be raised; rather, shall be aroused. The sides of the earth; rather, "the recesses (i.e. furthest parts) of the earth" (so Jeremiah 35:32; Isaiah 14:13).

6:18-30 God rejects their outward services, as worthless to atone for their sins. Sacrifice and incense were to direct them to a Mediator; but when offered to purchase a license to go on in sin, they provoke God. The sins of God's professing people make them an easy prey to their enemies. They dare not show themselves. Saints may rejoice in hope of God's mercies, though they see them only in the promise: sinners must mourn for fear of God's judgments, though they see them only in the threatenings. They are the worst of revolters, and are all corrupters. Sinners soon become tempters. They are compared to ore supposed to have good metal in it, but which proves all dross. Nothing will prevail to part between them and their sins. Reprobate silver shall they be called, useless and worthless. When warnings, corrections, rebukes, and all means of grace, leave men unrenewed, they will be left, as rejected of God, to everlasting misery. Let us pray, then, that we may be refined by the Lord, as silver is refined.Thus saith the Lord, behold, a people cometh from the north country,.... The Assyrians from Babylon, which lay north of Judea, as in Jeremiah 1:14,

and a great nation shall be raised; that is, by the Lord, who would stir them up to this undertaking. The Targum is,

"many people shall come openly:''

from the sides of the earth; afar off, as Babylon was, Jeremiah 5:15.

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