Luke 22:52
(52) Then Jesus said unto the chief priests.--St. Luke stands alone in recording the presence of the men of higher rank with the officers and multitude. On the "captains of the Temple," see Note on Luke 22:4.

As against a thief, with swords and staves.--Better, as against a robber, and with swords and clubs. (See Note on Matthew 26:55.)

22:47-53 Nothing can be a greater affront or grief to the Lord Jesus, than to be betrayed by those who profess to be his followers, and say that they love him. Many instances there are, of Christ's being betrayed by those who, under the form of godliness, fight against the power of it. Jesus here gave an illustrious example of his own rule of doing good to those that hate us, as afterwards he did of praying for those that despitefully use us. Corrupt nature warps our conduct to extremes; we should seek for the Lord's direction before we act in difficult circumstances. Christ was willing to wait for his triumphs till his warfare was accomplished, and we must be so too. But the hour and the power of darkness were short, and such the triumphs of the wicked always will be.Then Jesus said unto the chief priests,.... After he had wrought this miracle, and had quieted the mob, and restrained them from falling upon the apostles, and cutting them to pieces, which in all likelihood they would otherwise have done; he addressed himself to "the chief priests", who were members of the Jewish sanhedrim, and

the captains of the temple; See Gill on Luke 22:4.

And the elders which were come to him; which came along with Judas and the multitude, in order to see things done to their mind, and to animate both Judas and the soldiers and their officers, by their presence, lest they should come without him, as they had before done, John 7:45.

Be ye come out as against a thief, with swords and staves? See Gill on Matthew 26:55.

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