Luke 23:19
(19) Who for a certain sedition.--St. Luke's and St. Mark's accounts agree more closely than the others. St. John alone speaks of Barabbas as a "robber;" St. Matthew merely calls him a "notable prisoner."

23:13-25 The fear of man brings many into this snare, that they will do an unjust thing, against their consciences, rather than get into trouble. Pilate declares Jesus innocent, and has a mind to release him; yet, to please the people, he would punish him as an evil-doer. If no fault be found in him, why chastise him? Pilate yielded at length; he had not courage to go against so strong a stream. He delivered Jesus to their will, to be crucified.Who, for a certain sedition made in the city,.... Of Jerusalem: he had made an insurrection in it, in opposition to the government, in order to have thrown off the yoke, and to have asserted and maintained their liberties, as a free people; or rather to have seized and plundered the properties of other people, since he is represented elsewhere as a robber:

and for murder; which had either been committed by himself, or his accomplices, in the insurrection; and for these things, sedition, and murder, he

was cast into prison; where he lay till this feast, in order to be executed.

Luke 23:18
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