Matthew 10:12
(12) When ye come into an house.--The English indefinite article is misleading. We must read "into the house," i.e., the dwelling of the man who had been reported as worthy. The salutation, as the words that follow imply, was the familiar, "Peace be with thee--Peace be to this house" (Luke 10:5).

Verses 12, 13. - Parallel passage: Luke 10:5, 6 (the seventy). Your very entrance is to be an occasion of imparting spiritual blessing if the house be receptive of it. Verse 12. - And when ye come; and as ye enter (Revised Version), synchronous with the moment of your entrance (cf. Luke 17:12). Into an house; the house (Revised Version); i.e. of him who is worthy. Salute it. With the usual greeting of "Peace" (Judges 18:15; 1 Samuel 25:5, 6). Observe that Christ practised what he preached (John 20:19 [Luke 24:3]).

10:5-15 The Gentiles must not have the gospel brought them, till the Jews have refused it. This restraint on the apostles was only in their first mission. Wherever they went they must proclaim, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. They preached, to establish the faith; the kingdom, to animate the hope; of heaven, to inspire the love of heavenly things, and the contempt of earthly; which is at hand, that men may prepare for it without delay. Christ gave power to work miracles for the confirming of their doctrine. This is not necessary now that the kingdom of God is come. It showed that the intent of the doctrine they preached, was to heal sick souls, and to raise those that were dead in sin. In proclaiming the gospel of free grace for the healing and saving of men's souls, we must above all avoid the appearance of the spirit of an hireling. They are directed what to do in strange towns and cities. The servant of Christ is the ambassador of peace to whatever place he is sent. His message is even to the vilest sinners, yet it behoves him to find out the best persons in every place. It becomes us to pray heartily for all, and to conduct ourselves courteously to all. They are directed how to act as to those that refused them. The whole counsel of God must be declared, and those who will not attend to the gracious message, must be shown that their state is dangerous. This should be seriously laid to heart by all that hear the gospel, lest their privileges only serve to increase their condemnation.And when ye come into an house,.... Or the "house"; that is, the house of an hospitable man, when, upon inquiry, found out:

salute it; meaning the inhabitants of it; or, as the Persic version reads, those of the household, especially the master of the family. Some copies add, saying, peace be to this house, as in Luke 10:5 and so read the Vulgate Latin, and Munster's Hebrew Gospel; and is a very just, and proper explanation of saluting: for the usual form of salutation among the Jews was in such words; of which See Gill on Matthew 5:47 by which is meant all kind of happiness, and prosperity, temporal, spiritual, and eternal.

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