Psalm 109:2
(2) Of the deceitful.--Properly, as in margin, of deceit; consequently, to make the two expressions alike, it is proposed to read, instead of "mouth of the wicked" (properly, of a wicked man), "mouth of wickedness." In any case the best English equivalent will be, "a wicked mouth and a deceitful mouth." "A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow with a sword" (Whichcote).

Spoken against me.--Rather (comp. Psalm 12:3), talked with me.

Verse 2. - For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful; literally, of deceit - the abstract for the concrete. Are opened against me; literally, hare they opened upon me (Kay, Cheyne, Revised Version). They have spoken against ms with a lying tongue (comp. Psalm 27:12; Psalm 35:11). Calumny and misrepresentation are ever the portion of the children of God. David was calumniated by Saul (1 Samuel 22:7-13), by Absalom (2 Samuel 15:3, 4), by Shimei (2 Samuel 16:8), and others. One more perfect than David was even more calumniated (Matthew 11:19; Matthew 12:24; Matthew 26:61; Luke 23:2, etc.).

109:1-5. It is the unspeakable comfort of all believers, that whoever is against them, God is for them; and to him they may apply as to one pleased to concern himself for them. David's enemies laughed at him for his devotion, but they could not laugh him out of it.For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me,.... Or "of deceit" (x) itself; most wicked and very deceitful men, who sometimes flattered and pretended friendship, as the Jews did to Christ, when they designed ill against him; though at other times their mouths were opened, and they poured out their calumnies and reproaches very freely and largely; traducing his person, and aspersing his character as a wicked man; blaspheming his miracles, as if done by the help of the devil; charging his doctrine with novelty, falsehood, and blasphemy; loading him with invidious names, as Samaritan, madman, &c; representing him as an enemy to the state, as a seditious person, and a disturber of the nation's peace; particularly their mouths were opened against him when they called for his crucifixion, and would have no denial; and especially when he was on the cross, where they gaped upon him with their mouths, and poured out their scoffs and jeers at him; see Psalm 22:14.

They have spoken against me with a lying tongue, false witnesses rose up against him, and laid things to his charge he knew nothing of, and which they could not prove, Matthew 26:59.

(x) "os doli", Vatablus, Cocceius; "os fraudis", Gejerus, Michaelis; so Ainsworth.

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