2 Chronicles 8:5
He rebuilt Upper and Lower Beth-horon as fortified cities with walls, gates, and bars,
Cross References
1 Kings 9:17
So Solomon rebuilt Gezer, Lower Beth-horon,

1 Chronicles 7:24
His daughter was Sheerah, who built Lower and Upper Beth-horon, as well as Uzzen-sheerah.

2 Chronicles 8:4
He built Tadmor in the wilderness, in addition to all the store cities that he had built in Hamath.

2 Chronicles 8:6
as well as Baalath, all the store cities that belonged to Solomon, and all the cities for his chariots and horses--whatever he desired to build in Jerusalem, Lebanon, and throughout the land of his dominion.

2 Chronicles 14:7
So he said to the people of Judah, "Let us build these cities and surround them with walls and towers, with doors and bars. The land is still ours because we have sought the LORD our God. We have sought Him and He has given us rest on every side." So they built and prospered.

Treasury of Scripture
Also he built Bethhoron the upper, and Bethhoron the nether, fenced cities, with walls, gates, and bars;


Joshua 16:3,5
And goeth down westward to the coast of Japhleti, unto the coast of Bethhoron the nether, and to Gezer: and the goings out thereof are at the sea…

1 Chronicles 7:24
(And his daughter was Sherah, who built Bethhoron the nether, and the upper, and Uzzensherah.)


2 Chronicles 8:4
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