Ezekiel 46:1
"This is what the Lord GOD says: 'The gate of the inner court that faces east must be kept shut during the six days of work, but on the Sabbath day and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened.
Cross References
Exodus 20:9
Six days you shall labor and do all your work,

1 Chronicles 9:18
he was previously stationed at the King's Gate on the east side. These were the gatekeepers from the camp of the Levites.

Isaiah 66:23
From one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come to worship before Me," says the LORD.

Ezekiel 8:16
So He brought me to the inner court of the house of the LORD, and there at the entrance to the temple of the LORD, between the portico and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs to the temple of the LORD and their faces toward the east; and they were bowing to the east in worship of the sun.

Ezekiel 10:3
Now when the man went in, the cherubim were standing on the south side of the temple, and a cloud filled the inner court.

Ezekiel 40:19
Then he measured the distance from the front of the lower gateway to the outside of the inner court; it was a hundred cubits on the east side as well as on the north.

Ezekiel 43:1
Then the man brought me back to the gate that faces east,

Ezekiel 44:1
The man then brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary that faced east, but it was shut.

Ezekiel 44:2
And the LORD said to me, "This gate is to remain shut. It shall not be opened, and no man shall enter through it, because the LORD, the God of Israel, has entered through it. Therefore it will remain shut.

Ezekiel 45:17
And it shall be the prince's part to provide the burnt offerings, grain offerings, and drink offerings for the feasts, New Moons, and Sabbaths--for all the appointed feasts of the house of Israel. He will provide the sin offerings, grain offerings, burnt offerings, and peace offerings to make atonement for the house of Israel.

Ezekiel 45:18
This is what the Lord GOD says: 'On the first day of the first month you are to take a young bull without blemish and purify the sanctuary.

Ezekiel 45:19
And the priest is to take some of the blood from the sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the temple, on the four corners of the ledge of the altar, and on the gateposts of the inner court.

Ezekiel 46:3
On the Sabbaths and New Moons the people of the land are also to bow in worship before the LORD at the entrance to that gateway.

Ezekiel 46:6
On the day of the New Moon he shall offer a young, unblemished bull, six lambs, and a ram without blemish.

Ezekiel 46:12
When the prince makes a freewill offering to the LORD, whether a burnt offering or a peace offering, the gate facing east must be opened for him. He is to offer his burnt offering or peace offering just as he does on the Sabbath day. Then he shall go out, and the gate must be closed after he goes out.

Treasury of Scripture
Thus said the Lord GOD; The gate of the inner court that looks toward the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the sabbath it shall be opened, and in the day of the new moon it shall be opened.

shall be shut

Ezekiel 44:1,2
Then he brought me back the way of the gate of the outward sanctuary which looketh toward the east; and it was shut…

six working

Genesis 3:19
In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Exodus 20:9
Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

Luke 13:14
And the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation, because that Jesus had healed on the sabbath day, and said unto the people, There are six days in which men ought to work: in them therefore come and be healed, and not on the sabbath day.

on the sabbath

Ezekiel 45:17
And it shall be the prince's part to give burnt offerings, and meat offerings, and drink offerings, in the feasts, and in the new moons, and in the sabbaths, in all solemnities of the house of Israel: he shall prepare the sin offering, and the meat offering, and the burnt offering, and the peace offerings, to make reconciliation for the house of Israel.

Isaiah 66:23
And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

Hebrews 4:9,10
There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God…


Ezekiel 45:25
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