Joshua 10:18
So Joshua said, "Roll large stones against the mouth of the cave, and post men there to guard them.
Cross References
Joshua 10:17
And Joshua was informed: "The five kings have been found; they are hiding in the cave at Makkedah."

Joshua 10:19
But you, do not stop there. Pursue your enemies and attack them from behind. Do not let them reach their cities, for the LORD your God has delivered them into your hand."

Treasury of Scripture
And Joshua said, Roll great stones on the mouth of the cave, and set men by it for to keep them:

Joshua 10:22
Then said Joshua, Open the mouth of the cave, and bring out those five kings unto me out of the cave.

Judges 9:46-49
And when all the men of the tower of Shechem heard that, they entered into an hold of the house of the god Berith…

Job 21:30
That the wicked is reserved to the day of destruction? they shall be brought forth to the day of wrath.


Joshua 10:17
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