Joshua 21:17
And from the tribe of Benjamin they gave them Gibeon, Geba,
Cross References
Joshua 9:3
But the people of Gibeon, having heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai,

Joshua 18:24
Chephar-ammoni, Ophni, and Geba--twelve cities, along with their villages.

Joshua 18:25
Gibeon, Ramah, Beeroth,

Joshua 21:18
Anathoth, and Almon--four cities, together with their pasturelands.

1 Kings 15:22
Then King Asa summoned all the men of Judah, with no exceptions, and they carried away the stones of Ramah and the timbers Baasha had used for building. And with these materials King Asa built up Geba of Benjamin, as well as Mizpah.

2 Kings 23:8
Then Josiah brought all the priests from the cities of Judah and desecrated the high places, from Geba to Beersheba, where the priests had burned incense. He tore down the high places of the gates at the entrance of the gate of Joshua the governor of the city, which was to the left of the city gate.

Isaiah 10:29
They have crossed at the ford: "We will spend the night at Geba." Ramah trembles; Gibeah of Saul flees.

Treasury of Scripture
And out of the tribe of Benjamin, Gibeon with her suburbs, Geba with her suburbs,


Joshua 9:3
And when the inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done unto Jericho and to Ai,

Joshua 18:25
Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beeroth,

1 Chronicles 6:60
And out of the tribe of Benjamin; Geba with her suburbs, and Alemeth with her suburbs, and Anathoth with her suburbs. All their cities throughout their families were thirteen cities.


Joshua 18:24
And Chepharhaammonai, and Ophni, and Gaba; twelve cities with their villages:



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