Leviticus 10:18
Since its blood was not brought inside the holy place, you should have eaten it in the sanctuary area, as I commanded."
Cross References
Leviticus 6:26
The priest who offers it shall eat it; it must be eaten in a holy place, in the courtyard of the Tent of Meeting.

Leviticus 6:30
But no sin offering may be eaten if its blood has been brought into the Tent of Meeting to make atonement in the Holy Place; it must be burned.

Treasury of Scripture
Behold, the blood of it was not brought in within the holy place: you should indeed have eaten it in the holy place, as I commanded.

the blood

Leviticus 6:30
And no sin offering, whereof any of the blood is brought into the tabernacle of the congregation to reconcile withal in the holy place, shall be eaten: it shall be burnt in the fire.

as I commanded

Leviticus 6:26,30
The priest that offereth it for sin shall eat it: in the holy place shall it be eaten, in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation…


Leviticus 10:17
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