1362. diplous
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diplous: twofold, double
Original Word: διπλοῦς, ῆ, οῦν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: diplous
Phonetic Spelling: (dip-looce')
Short Definition: double, two-fold
Definition: double, two-fold.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from dis and perhaps ploos
twofold, double
NASB Translation
double (1), double* (1), twice as much (2).

STRONGS NT 1362: διπλως

διπλως (διπλοῦς), διπλοη (διπλῆ, διπλων, διπλοῦν (from Homer down), twofold, double: 1 Timothy 5:17; Revelation 18:6; διπλοτερος (a comparitive found also in Appian. hist. praef. § 10, from the positive form διπλός (Buttmann, 27 (24))) ὑμῶν, twofold more than yourselves, Matthew 23:15 ((cf. Justin Martyr, dialog contra Trypho, 122)).

double, two-fold more.

From dis and (probably) the base of pleion; two-fold -- double, two-fold more.

see GREEK dis

see GREEK pleion

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