1436. ea
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ea: ah! ha! (interj. expressing surprise, indignation, fear)
Original Word: ἔα
Part of Speech: Interjection
Transliteration: ea
Phonetic Spelling: (eh'-ah)
Short Definition: an interjection: ho!
Definition: an interjection, Ho! Ah! Ha! It is supposed to imply surprise, fear and indignation.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
appar. imper. of eaó
ah! ha! (interj. expressing surprise, indignation, fear)
NASB Translation
let...alone (1).

STRONGS NT 1436: ἔα

ἔα, an interjection expressive of indignation, or of wonder mixed with fear (derived apparently from the imperative present of the verb ἐάν (according to others a natural instinctive, sound)), frequent in the Attic poets, rare in prose writings (as Plato, Prot., p. 314 d.), "Ha! Ah!": Mark 1:24 R G; Luke 4:34; cf. Fritzsche on Mark, p. 32f.


Apparent imperative of eao; properly, let it be, i.e. (as interjection) aha! -- let alone.

see GREEK eao

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