2072. esoptron
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esoptron: a mirror (i.e. an object for looking into)
Original Word: ἔσοπτρον, ου, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: esoptron
Phonetic Spelling: (es'-op-tron)
Short Definition: a mirror
Definition: a mirror, looking-glass (made of highly polished metal).

HELPS word-Studies

2072 ésoptron – a metallic mirror (not made of glass). Ancient mirrors (merely made of polished metal) only produced an indistinct image (reflection). So, to get an accurate picture (reflection) the viewer had to look from several different angles ("standpoints"). This has profound implications in "doing theology"!

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from eis and the fut. of horaó
a mirror (i.e. an object for looking into)
NASB Translation
mirror (2).

STRONGS NT 2072: ἔσοπτρον

ἔσοπτρον, ἐσόπτρου, τό (ὈΠΤΩ), a mirror: 1 Corinthians 13:12; James 1:23. (Wis. 7:26; Sir. 12:11; Pindar Nem. 7, 20; Anacreon () 11, (7 (6)) 3; Plutarch; others) The mirrors of the ancients were made, not of glass (cf. B. D. under the word , at the end), but of steel; Pliny, h. n. 33 (9) 45; 34, (17) 48 (but see the passages just referred to, and B. D. under the word mirror).


From eis and a presumed derivative of optanomai; a mirror (for looking into) -- glass. Compare katoptrizomai.

see GREEK eis

see GREEK optanomai

see GREEK katoptrizomai

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