2104. eugenes
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eugenes: of noble birth, noble
Original Word: εὐγενής, ές
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: eugenes
Phonetic Spelling: (yoog-en'-ace)
Short Definition: of noble birth, noble
Definition: (a) of noble birth, of high birth, (b) noble in nature.

STRONGS NT 2104: εὐγενής

εὐγενής, ἐυγενες (from εὖ and γένος);

1. well-born, of noble race: Luke 19:12 (of a prince); 1 Corinthians 1:26.

2. noble-minded: comparitive ἐυγενεστερος, Acts 17:11. (the Sept.; often in Greek writings from Aristophanes and Tragg. down.)


From eu and ginomai; well born, i.e. (literally) high in rank, or (figuratively) generous -- more noble, nobleman.

see GREEK eu

see GREEK ginomai

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