2464. Isaak
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Isaak: Isaac, the son of Abraham
Original Word: Ἰσαάκ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
Transliteration: Isaak
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-sah-ak')
Short Definition: Isaac
Definition: (Hebrew), Isaac, the patriarch.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Hebrew origin Yitschaq
Isaac, the son of Abraham
NASB Translation
Isaac (20).

STRONGS NT 2464: Ἰσαάκ

Ἰσαάκ, , indeclinable (יִצְחָק, from צָחַק to laugh: Genesis 21:6; Genesis 17:17; in Josephus, Ἰσακος, Ἰσακου), Isaac, the son of Abraham by Sarah: Matthew 1:2; Matthew 8:11; Matthew 22:32; Romans 9:7, 10; Galatians 4:28; Hebrews 11:9, 17ff,20; James 2:21, etc. ἰσάγγελος, ἰσαγγελον (ἴσος and ἄγγελος, formed like ἰσόθεος (cf. ἰσάδελφος (Euripides, Or. 1015), ἰσάστερος (4 Macc. 17:5), and other compounds in Koumanoudes, συναγωγή κτλ., p. 166f)), like the angels: Luke 20:36. (Ecclesiastical writings; (cf. ἴσος ἀγγέλοις γεγονώς, Philo de sacr. Ab. et Cain. § 2; Winer's Grammar, § 34, 3 cf., p. 100 (95)).)


Of Hebrew origin (Yitschaq); Isaac (i.e. Jitschak), the son of Abraham -- Isaac.

see HEBREW Yitschaq

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