2495. Iónas
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Iónas: Jonah, an Israelite prophet
Original Word: Ἰωνᾶς, ᾶ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: Iónas
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-o-nas')
Short Definition: Jonah
Definition: (Hebrew), Jonah, the Hebrew prophet.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Hebrew origin Yonah
Jonah, an Isr. prophet
NASB Translation
Jonah (9).

STRONGS NT 2495: Ἰωνᾶς

Ἰωνᾶς, Ἰωνᾶ (Buttmann, 20 (17f)), (יונָה a dove), Jonah (or Jonas);

1. Jonah, the O. T. prophet, a native of Gath-hepher in the tribe of Zebulun. He lived during the reign of Jeroboam II, king of Israel (2 Kings 14:25). The narrative of his miraculous experiences, constructed for a didactic purpose, is given in the book which bears his name (on the historic character of which cf. B. D. (especially Arh. edition) or McClintock and Strong's Cyclopaedia, under the word; also Ladd, Doctr. of Sacr. Script. i. 65ff): Matthew 12:39-41; Matthew 16:4; Luke 11:29ff,.

2. Jonah (or Jonas), a fisherman, father of the apostle Peter: Matthew 16:17 (L T WH here Βαριωνᾶ, see βαριωνας); John 1:42 (43) (R G L marginal reading Tr marginal reading, and R G in) John 21:15,(16,17) (see Ἰωάννης, 3).


Of Hebrew origin (Yonah); Jonas (i.e. Jonah), the name of two Israelites -- Jonas.

see HEBREW Yonah

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