2548. kakeinos
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kakeinos: and that one
Original Word: κἀκεῖνος, η, ο
Part of Speech: Demonstrative Pronoun
Transliteration: kakeinos
Phonetic Spelling: (kak-i'-nos)
Short Definition: and he, she, it, and that
Definition: and he, she, it, and that.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kai and ekeinos
and that one
NASB Translation
also (10), one (1), others (2), those (1), too (1).

STRONGS NT 2548: κἀκεῖνος

κἀκεῖνος (Griesbach κἀκεῖνος; see κἀγώ and references), κακεινη, κακεινο (by crasis from καί and ἐκεῖνος (cf. Winers Grammar, § 5, 3; especially Tdf. Proleg., p. 97));

1. ἐκεῖνος referring to the more remote subject;

a. and he (Latinet ille): Luke 11:7; Luke 22:12; Acts 18:19; ταῦτα ... κἀκεῖνα (A. V. the other), Matthew 23:23; Luke 11:42.

b. he also: Acts 15:11; Romans 11:23 (Rec.st καί ἐκεῖνος); 1 Corinthians 10:6.

2. ἐκεῖνος referring to the nearer subject (cf. ἐκεῖνος, 1 c.);

a. and he (Latinet is, German und selbiger): Matthew 15:18; John 7:29; John 19:35 (L Tr WH καί ἐκεῖνος).

b. he also (German auch selbiger): Matthew 20:4 (T WH καί ἐκεῖνος); Mark 12:4; Mark 16:11, 13; Luke 22:12; John 14:12; John 17:24.

and him, him also, them also

From kai and ekeinos; likewise that (or those) -- and him (other, them), even he, him also, them (also), (and) they.

see GREEK kai

see GREEK ekeinos

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