308. anablepó
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anablepó: to look up, recover sight
Original Word: ἀναβλέπω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: anablepó
Phonetic Spelling: (an-ab-lep'-o)
Short Definition: I look up, recover my sight
Definition: I look up, recover my sight.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from ana and blepó
to look up, recover sight
NASB Translation
looked (4), looking (5), receive...sight (2), receive sight (2), received...sight (2), received sight (2), regain his sight (1), regain...sight (3), regained...sight (4).

STRONGS NT 308: ἀναβλέπω

ἀναβλέπω; 1 aorist ἀνέβλεψα; (from Herodotus down);

1. to look up: Mark 8:24 ( R G L) ; Luke 19:5; Luke 21:1; Acts 22:13; εἰς τινα, ibid.; εἰς τόν οὐρανόν, Matthew 14:19; Mark 6:41; Mark 7:34 (Plato, Axioch., p. 370b.; Xenophon, Cyril 8, 4, 9).

2. to recover (lost) sight: Matthew 11:5; Matthew 20:34; Luke 18:41ff, etc. ((Herodotus 2, 111;) Plato, Phaedrus, p. 234 b. παραχρῆμα ἀνέβλεψε Aristophanes Plutarch, 126); used somewhat loosely also of the man blind from birth who was cured by Christ, John 9:11 (12) (cf. Meyer at the passage), 17f (Pausanias, 4, 12, 7 (10) συνέβη τόν Ὀφιονέα ... τόν ἐκ γενετῆς τυφλόν αναβλέψαι). Cf. Winers De verb. comp. etc. Part iii., p. 7f.

look, see, receive sight.

From ana and blepo; to look up; by implication, to recover sight -- look (up), see, receive sight.

see GREEK ana

see GREEK blepo

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