3088. luchnos
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luchnos: a (portable) lamp
Original Word: λύχνος, ου, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: luchnos
Phonetic Spelling: (lookh'-nos)
Short Definition: a lamp
Definition: a lamp.

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3088 lýxnos – an oil-fed portable "lamp," usually set on a stand (Abbott-Smith).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. word
a (portable) lamp
NASB Translation
lamp (13), lamps (1).

STRONGS NT 3088: λύχνος

λύχνος, λύχνου, , the Sept. for נֵר (from Homer down); a lamp, candle (?), that is placed on a stand or candlestick (Latincandelabrum) (cf. Trench, N. T. Synonyms, § xlvi.; Becker, Charicles, Sc. ix. (English translation, p. 156 n. 5)): Matthew 5:15; Mark 4:21; (Luke 11:36); ; Revelation 22:5; φῶς λύχνου, Revelation 18:23; opposed to φῶς ἡλίου, Revelation 22:5 L T Tr WH; ά῾πτειν λύχνον ((Luke 8:16; Luke 11:33; Luke 15:8), see ἅπτω, 1). To a lamp are likened — the eye, λύχνος τοῦ σώματος, i. e. which shows the body which way to move and turn, Matthew 6:22; Luke 11:34; the prophecies of the O. T., inasmuch as they afforded at least some knowledge relative to the glorious return of Jesus from heaven down even to the time when by the Holy Spirit that same light, like the day and the daystar, shone upon the hearts of men, the light by which the prophets themselves had been enlightened and which was necessary to the full perception of the true meaning of their prophecies, 2 Peter 1:19; to the brightness of a lamp that cheers the beholders a teacher is compared, whom even those rejoiced in who were unwilling to comply with his demands, John 5:35; Christ, who will hereafter illumine his followers, the citizens of the heavenly kingdom, with his own glory, Revelation 21:23.

candle, light.

From the base of leukos; a portable lamp or other illuminator (literally or figuratively) -- candle, light.

see GREEK leukos

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