3584. xéros
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xéros: dry
Original Word: ξηρός, ά, όν
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: xéros
Phonetic Spelling: (xay-ros')
Short Definition: dry, withered, dry land
Definition: dry, withered; noun: dry land.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. word
NASB Translation
dry (2), land (1), withered (5).

STRONGS NT 3584: ξηρός

ξηρός, ξηρά, ξηρόν, from Herodotus down, dry: τό ξύλον, Luke 23:31 (in a proverb. saying, 'if a good man is treated so, what will be done to the wicked?' cf. Psalm 1:3; Ezekiel 20:47. Isaiah 56:3; Ezekiel 17:24); of members of the body deprived of their natural juices, shrunk, wasted, withered: as χείρ, Matthew 12:10; Mark 3:3 L T Tr WH; Luke 6:6, 8; men are spoken of as ξηροι, withered, John 5:3. of the land in distinction from water, ξηρά namely, γῆ (the Sept. for יַבָּשָׁה, Genesis 1:9; Jonah 1:9; Jonah 2:11, and often (Winer's Grammar, 18; 592 (550))): Matthew 23:15; Hebrews 11:29 where L T Tr WH add γῆς.

dry, withered.

From the base of xestes (through the idea of scorching); arid; by implication, shrunken, earth (as opposed to water) -- dry land, withered.

see GREEK xestes

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