3664. homoios
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homoios: like, resembling, the same as
Original Word: ὅμοιος, οία, οιον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: homoios
Phonetic Spelling: (hom'-oy-os)
Short Definition: like, similar to
Definition: like, similar to, resembling, of equal rank.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as homou
like, resembling, the same as
NASB Translation
like (43), one like (2), same (1).

STRONGS NT 3664: ὅμοιος

ὅμοιος (on the accent cf. (Chandler §§ 384, 385); Winers Grammar, 52 (51); Alexander Buttmann (1873) Ausf. Spr. § 11 Anm. 9), ὁμοία, ὅμοιον, also of two term. (once in the N. T., Revelation 4:3 Rst G L T Tr WH; cf. Winers Grammar, § 11, 1; (Buttmann, 26 (23))) (from ὁμός (akin to ἅμα (which see), Latinsimilis, English same, etc.)) (from Homer down), like, similar, resembling:

a. like i. e. resembling: τίνι, in form or look, John 9:9; Revelation 1:13, 15; Revelation 2:18; Revelation 4:6f.; (but here Tr text WH marginal reading ὁμοιοις), ; (but here T WH with the accusative (for dative)); Rec.; ὁράσει, in appearance, Revelation 4:3; in nature, Acts 17:29; Galatians 5:21; Revelation 21:11, 18; in nature and condition, 1 John 3:2; in mode of thinking, feeling, acting, Matthew 11:16; Matthew 13:52; Luke 6:47-49; Luke 7:31; Luke 12:36, and L WH Tr text (see below) in John 8:55; equivalent to may be compared to a thing, so in parables: Matthew 13:31, 33, 44f, 47; Matthew 20:1; Luke 13:18f, 21.

b. like i. e. corresponding or equivalent to, the same as: ὅμοιον τούτοις τρόπον, Jude 1:7; equal in strength, Revelation 13:4; in power and attractions, Revelation 18:18; in authority, Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:31 (here T WH omit; Tr marginal reading brackets ὅμοιον); in mind and character, τίνος (cf. Winers Grammar, 195 (183) (cf. § 28, 2); Buttmann, § 132, 24), John 8:55 R G T Tr marginal reading (see above).

like, similar

From the base of homou; similar (in appearance or character) -- like, + manner.

see GREEK homou

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