3877. parakoloutheó
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parakoloutheó: to follow closely, to investigate
Original Word: παρακολουθέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: parakoloutheó
Phonetic Spelling: (par-ak-ol-oo-theh'-o)
Short Definition: I accompany, follow closely, investigate
Definition: I accompany, follow closely, characterize, both lit. and met.; I investigate.

HELPS word-Studies

3877 parakolouthéō (from 3844 /pará, "from close-beside" and 190 /akolouthéō, "follow") – properly, follow closely, especially through a detailed comparing; follow after closely to resemble (illustrate, play out) what leads.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from para and akoloutheó
to follow closely, to investigate
NASB Translation
accompany (1), followed (1), following (1), investigated (1).

STRONGS NT 3877: παρακολουθέω

παρακολουθέω, παρακολούθω: future παρακολουθήσω; 1 aorist παρηκολούθησα (1 Timothy 4:6 L marginal reading WH marginal reading; 2 Timothy 3:10 L T Tr WH text); perfect παρηκολούθηκα;

1. to follow after; so to follow one as to be always at his side (see παρά, IV. 1); to follow close, accompany (so from Aristophanes and Xenophon down).

2. metaphorically,

a. to be always present, to attend one wherever he goes: τίνι, Mark 16:17 (where Tr WH text ἀκολουθησει, which see).

b. to follow up a thing in mind so as to attain to the knowledge of it, i. e. to understand (cf. our follow a matter up, trace its course, etc.); to examine thoroughly, investigate: πᾶσιν (i. e. πράγμασιν), all things that have taken place, Luke 1:3 (very often so in Greek auth, as Demosthenes, pro cor. c. 53 (p. 285, 23)).

c. to follow faithfully namely, a standard or rule, to conform oneself to: with a dative of the thing, 1 Timothy 4:6; 2 Timothy 3:10 (2 Macc. 9:27). Cf. the full discussion of this word by Grimm in the Jahrbb. f. deutsche Theol. for 1871, p. 46f.

follow, fully know, have understanding.

From para and akoloutheo; to follow near, i.e. (figuratively) attend (as a result), trace out, conform to -- attain, follow, fully know, have understanding.

see GREEK para

see GREEK akoloutheo

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