3960. patassó
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patassó: to beat (of the heart), to strike
Original Word: πατάσσω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: patassó
Phonetic Spelling: (pat-as'-so)
Short Definition: I strike
Definition: I smite, strike (as with a sword), smite to death, afflict.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of uncertain origin
to beat (of the heart), to strike
NASB Translation
strike (2), strike down (3), striking down (1), struck (4).

STRONGS NT 3960: πατάσσω

πατάσσω: future πατάξω; 1 aorist ἐπάταξα; the Sept. times without number for הִכָּה (Hiphil of נָכָה, unused in Kal), also for נָגַף, etc.; (in Homer intransitive, to beat, of the heart; from Aristophanes, Sophocles, Plato, others on used it transitively);

1. to strike gently: τί (as a part or a member of the body), Acts 12:7.

2. to strike, smite: absolutely, ἐν μάχαιρα, with the sword, Luke 22:49; τινα, Matthew 26:51; Luke 22:50. by a use solely biblical, to afflict; to visit with evils, etc.: as with a deadly disease, τινα, Acts 12:23; τινα ἐν with the dative of the thing, Revelation 11:6 G L T Tr WH; (Genesis 8:21; Numbers 14:12; Exodus 12:23, etc.).

3. by a use solely biblical, to smite down, cut down, to kill, slay: τινα, Matthew 26:31 and Mark 14:27 (after Zechariah 13:7); Acts 7:24.

smite, strike.

Probably prolongation from paio; to knock (gently or with a weapon or fatally) -- smite, strike. Compare tupto.

see GREEK paio

see GREEK tupto

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