4016. periballó
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periballó: to throw around, put on
Original Word: περιβάλλω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: periballó
Phonetic Spelling: (per-ee-bal'-lo)
Short Definition: I cast around, clothe
Definition: I cast around, wrap a garment about, put on; hence mid: I put on to myself, clothe myself, dress; I draw (a line).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from peri and balló
to throw around, put on
NASB Translation
clothe (4), clothed (13), dressed (1), wear for clothing (1), wearing (2), wrap...around (1).

STRONGS NT 4016: περιβάλλω

περιβάλλω: future περιβαλῶ; 2 aorist περιέβαλον; perfect passive participle περιβεβλημένος; 2 aorist middle περιεβαλομην; 2 future middle περιβαλοῦμαι; from Homer down; the Sept. chiefly for כָּסָה, to cover, cover up; also for לָבַשׁ, to clothe, and עָטָה, to veil; to throw around, to put round;

a. χάρακα, to surround a city with a bank (palisade), Luke 19:43 ((R G Tr L text WH marginal reading); see παρεμβάλλω, 2).

b. of garments, τινα, to clothe one: Matthew 25:36, 38, 43; τινα τί, to put a thing on one, to clothe one with a thing (Buttmann, 149 (130); Winer's Grammar, § 32,4 a.): Luke 23:11 (here T WH omit; L Tr brackets accusative of person); John 19:2; passive, Mark 14:51; Mark 16:5; Revelation 7:9, 13; Revelation 10:1; Revelation 11:3; Revelation 12:1; Revelation 17:4 (where Rec. has the dative of the thing; (so L WH txt, but others ἐν with the dative of thing)); ; middle to put on or clothe oneself: absolutely, Revelation 3:18; with the accusative of the thing (cf. Buttmann, § 135, 2), Matthew 6:31; Acts 12:8; passively — in 2 aorist, Matthew 6:29; Luke 12:27; in 2 aorist with the accusative of the thing, Revelation 3:18; Revelation 19:8; in 2 future with ἐν τίνι (Buttmann, as above; see ἐν, I. 5 b., p. 210a), Revelation 3:5.

array, cast about, clothed me, put on.

From peri and ballo; to throw all around, i.e. Invest (with a palisade or with clothing) -- array, cast about, clothe(-d me), put on.

see GREEK peri

see GREEK ballo

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