418. anendektos
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anendektos: impossible
Original Word: ἀνένδεκτος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: anendektos
Phonetic Spelling: (an-en'-dek-tos)
Short Definition: impossible
Definition: impossible, inadmissible.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from alpha (as a neg. prefix) and endechomai
NASB Translation
inevitable* (1).

STRONGS NT 418: ἀνένδεκτος

ἀνένδεκτος, ἀνένδεκτόν (alpha privative and ἐνδεκτος, and this from ἐνδέχομαι, which see), that cannot be admitted, inadmissible, unallowable, improper: ἀνένδεκτόν ἐστι τοῦ μή ἐλθεῖν it cannot be but that they will come, Luke 17:1 (Winers Grammar, 328 (308); Buttmann, 269 (231)). (Artemidorus Daldianus, oneir. 2, 70 ἀριθμός πρός τόν μέλλοντα χρόνον ἀνένδεκτος (Diogenes Laërtius 7, 50), and several times in ecclesiastical and Byzantine writings.)


From a (as a negative particle) and a derivative of the same as endechetai; unadmitted, i.e. (by implication) not supposable -- impossible.

see GREEK a

see GREEK endechetai

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