4237. prasia
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prasia: a garden bed
Original Word: πρασιά, ᾶς, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: prasia
Phonetic Spelling: (pras-ee-ah')
Short Definition: a company formed into divisions
Definition: a company formed into divisions (like garden-beds).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from prason (a leek)
a garden bed
NASB Translation
groups (1).

STRONGS NT 4237: πρασιά

πρασιά, πρασιας, , a plot of ground, a garden-bed, Homer, Odyssey 7, 127; 24, 247; Theophrastus, hist. plant. 4, 4, 3; Nicander, Dioscorides (?), others; Sir. 24:31; ἀνέπεσον πρασιαί πρασιαί (a Hebraism), i. e. they reclined in ranks or divisions, so that the several ranks formed, as it were, separate plots, Mark 6:40; cf. Gesenius, Lehrgeb., p. 669; (Hebrew Gram. § 106, 4; Buttmann, 30 (27); Winer's Grammar, 464 (432) also) § 37, 3; (where add from the O. T. συνήγαγον αὐτούς θημωνιας θημωνιας, Exodus 8:14).

a group

Perhaps from prason (a leek, and so an onion-patch); a garden plot, i.e. (by implication, of regular beds) a row (repeated in plural by Hebraism, to indicate an arrangement) -- in ranks.

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