4281. proerchomai
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proerchomai: to go forward, go on
Original Word: προέρχομαι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: proerchomai
Phonetic Spelling: (pro-er'-khom-ahee)
Short Definition: I go before, precede
Definition: I go forward, go on, advance; I go before, precede.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from pro and erchomai
to go forward, go on
NASB Translation
go (1), go on ahead (1), going ahead (1), gone on ahead (1), got there ahead (1), preceding (1), went...beyond (2), went along (1).

STRONGS NT 4281: προέρχομαι

προέρχομαι: imperfect προηρχομην; future προελεύσομαι; 2 aorist προῆλθον; from Herodotus down;

1. to go forward, go on: μικρόν, a little, Matthew 26:39 (here T Tr WH marginal reading προσελθών (which see in a.)); Mark 14:35 (Tr WH marginal reading προσελθών); with an accusative of the way, Acts 12:10 (Xenophon, Cyril 2, 4, 18; Plato, rep. 1, p. 328 e.; 10, p. 616 b.).

2. to go before; i. e., a. to go before, precede (locally; German vorangehen): ἐνώπιον τίνος, Luke 1:17 ((ἔμπροσθεν τίνος, Genesis 33:3), WH marginal reading προσελευσαντες which see in a.); τίνος, to precede one, Luke 22:47 Rec. ((Judith 2:19)); τινα, ibid. G L T Tr WH (not so construed in secular writings; cf. Buttmann, 144 (126); Fritzsche, Ep. ad Romans, iii., p. 70; (Winers Grammar, § 52, 4, 13); but in Latin we findantecedere, anteire,praeire, aliquem, and in Greek writings πρόθειν τινα; see προηγέομαι); to outgo, outstrip (Latinpraecurrere, antevertere aliquem; for which the Greeks say φθάνειν τινα), Mark 6:33.

b. to go before, i. e. (set out) in advance of another (German vorausgehen): Acts 20:5 (Tr WH text προσελθόντες); εἰς (L Tr πρός) ὑμᾶς, unto (as far as to) you, 2 Corinthians 9:5; ἐπί τό πλοῖον, to the ship, Acts 20:13 (Tr WH marginal reading προσελθόντες).

precede, go before, pass on.

From pro and erchomai (including its alternate); to go onward, precede (in place or time) -- go before (farther, forward), outgo, pass on.

see GREEK pro

see GREEK erchomai

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