4428. ptussó
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ptussó: to fold, i.e. roll up
Original Word: πτύσσω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ptussó
Phonetic Spelling: (ptoos'-so)
Short Definition: I fold, roll up
Definition: I fold, roll up (as a scroll).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. verb
to fold, i.e. roll up
NASB Translation
closed (1).

STRONGS NT 4428: πτύσσω

πτύσσω: 1 aorist participle πτύξας; in classical Greek from Homer down; to fold together, roll up: τό βιβλίον, Luke 4:20 (A. V. closed); see ἀναπτύσσω (and cf. Schlottmann in Riehm under the word Schrift; Strack: in Herzog edition 2 under the word Sehreibkunst, etc. Compare: ἀναπτύσσω.)


Probably akin to petannumi (to spread; and thus apparently allied to petomai through the idea of expansion, and to ptuo through that of flattening; compare pateo); to fold, i.e. Furl a scroll -- close.

see GREEK petomai

see GREEK pateo

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