4605. Sidón
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Sidón: Sidon, a maritime city of Phoenicia
Original Word: Σιδών, ῶνος, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: Sidón
Phonetic Spelling: (sid-one')
Short Definition: Sidon
Definition: Sidon, a great coast city of Phoenicia.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Hebrew origin Tsidon
Sidon, a maritime city of Phoenicia
NASB Translation
Sidon (9).

STRONGS NT 4605: Σιδών

Σιδών, Σιδῶνος (Buttmann, 16 (14)), (צִידון and צִידֹן, from צוּד, 'to hunt', in Aramaic also 'to fish'; hence, properly, taking its name from its abundance of fish; cf. Justin 18, 3), Sidon, a very ancient Phoenician city, formerly distinguished for wealth and traffic, situated near the Mediterranean on the borders of Judaea; it had been assigned to the tribe of Asher (Joshua 19:28), but the Jews vainly endeavored to capture it (Judges 1:31; Judges 3:3; Judges 10:12); now Saida, containing about 10,000 (or 9,000, according to Porter in Murray's Handbook, p. 376) inhabitants (Baedeker, Palestine, p. 433): Matthew 11:21; Matthew 15:21; Mark 3:8; Mark 7:24 (where T omits; WH Tr marginal reading brackets the words καί Σιδῶνος), ; Luke 4:26 (where L T Tr WH Σιδωνίας); f; Acts 27:3. (Cf. BB. DD., under the word; Schultz in Herzog edition 2 vol. xiv. 192ff; Schlottmann in Riehm, under the word.)


Of Hebrew origin (Tsiydown); Sidon (i.e. Tsidon), a place in Palestine -- Sidon.

see HEBREW Tsiydown

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