482. antilambanó
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antilambanó: to take instead of, take hold of
Original Word: ἀντιλαμβάνομαι
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: antilambanó
Phonetic Spelling: (an-tee-lam-ban'-om-ahee)
Short Definition: I take hold of, help, share in
Definition: I take hold of, help, share in, partake of, enjoy.

HELPS word-Studies

482 antilambánomai (from 473 /antí, "corresponding to" and 2983 /lambánō, "to take hold of with initiative") – properly, aggressively take hold of in a proportional (fitting) way, i.e. that "matches" (offsets, corresponds to) the need of the situation (note the prefix, anti). This refers to providing (receiving) support that directly corresponds to the real need.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from anti and lambanó
to take instead of, take hold of
NASB Translation
given help (1), help (1), partake (1).

STRONGS NT 482: ἀντιλαμβάνω

ἀντιλαμβάνω: middle (present ἀντιλαμβάνομαι); 2 aorist ἀντελαβόμην; to take in turn or in return, to receive one thing for another given, to receive instead of; in middle, frequent in Attic prose writings,

1. to lay hold of, hold fast to, anything: τίνος.

2. to take a person or thing in order as it were to be held, to take to, embrace; with a genitive of the person, to help, succor: Luke 1:54; Acts 20:35 (Diodorus 11, 13; Dio Cassius, 40, 27; 46, 45; often in the Sept.) with a genitive of the thing, to be a partaker, partake of: τῆς εὐεργεσίας of the benefit of the services rendered by the slaves, 1 Timothy 6:2; cf. De Wette at the passage (μήτε ἐσθίων πλειόνων ἡδονῶν ἀντιλήψεται, Porphyry, de abstin. 1, 46; (cf. Eusebius, h. e. 4, 15, 37 and examples in Field, Otium Norv. pars. iii. at the passage cited)) (Compare: συναντιλαμβάνομαι.)

help, partake, support.

From anti and the middle voice of lambano; to take hold of in turn, i.e. Succor; also to participate -- help, partaker, support.

see GREEK anti

see GREEK lambano

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